Choosing the Best Agile Methods for Your Team


Two project managers from two very different development teams share how they picked the Agile methods and tools that worked best for their unique environments.The Academic Web Technologies team began incorporating agile principles in January 2012 to manage the ongoing development of the Electronic Education Environment (EEE -, UC Irvine's homegrown campus learning management system. EEE is a high visibility, high impact enterprise-scale application with many legacy components and a large user base (30,000+ campus affiliates).The Division of Undergraduate Education's Data and Development group selectively adopted agile practices for a much different, and high complex array of projects that diverse in size and type (including recurring operational projects, web application development, and database system support), many underway simultaneously.Come learn how sprints, kanban boards, daily scrums, and burndown charts did--or did not--help these two development team tackle very different challenges!

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