Cancer Genomics Hub: A Pioneering Repository

The success of cancer genomics depends on the sharing of cancer data, and collaboration between cancer researchers. The unprecedented amounts of data generated require a central location for cancer genomes to be uploaded by geographically dispersed genome sequencers and genome analysis centers. The Cancer Genomics Hub (CGHub) is a central repository for the genomics information for three different National Cancer Institute (NCI) programs. In addition to providing a repository, CGHub supports the establishment of standards and application programming interfaces (APIs), and provides support to end users. The technology and approach of CGHub is a model for other UC campus to host genomics repositories.

Our website is Recently UCSC Chancellor Blumenthal wrote about UCSC's leadership in genomics, puts CGHub in its historic perspective, and points to way forward to further collaboration and leadership opportunities.

This session is of interest to UCCSC attendees who are interested in the future of cancer research and opportunities for UC IT contributions, the challenges encountered with collaboration in cancer science and the NCI, open source solutions for high speed data transfer, user-experience of the San Diego SuperComputing Center, and user experience with IBMs General Parallel File System (GPFS).

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