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From Classics to Superheroes: How the Web is Retooling Education at UCI (and Beyond) ()
Stephen Franklin, Caryn Neiswender
It seems simple enough - take a face to face class and offer it an online. But, what does that really mean? There are many options for online learning - hybrid, flipped, strictly online, MOOC....
From IaaS to SaaS. How the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) is Developing Scalable, Robust Cloud Services for UC. ()
Matthew Kullberg, Andrew Ferbert
Starting with OpenStack object storage and continuing to OpenStack Cloud Compute, SDSC is deploying cloud services that meet UC-wide infrastructure and application needs. Much pressure has been...
Getting Involved In Web Accessibility At UC ()
Lucy Greco
With online education and mobile communication growing faster than Web accessibility can keep up, the UC system must begin to understand how to make our websites and electronic holdings more...
Hotel or Condo: The Evolution of Research Computing Services at UCSD ()
Ron Hawkins
Although SDSC has built and operated large scale, high performance computing systems for over 25 years, it is only in the last four years that SDSC has been operating shared systems specifically for...
How to De-Personalize an iPad ()
Jonathan Wilson

An overview of iOS device lending and exhibit programs at the UCLA Library. In the past year, the UCLA Library has implemented several pilot programs and services involving iPods or iPads. Because...

Image Deployment Using DeployStudio ()
Eric Boyd
Saving time is a daily concern for system administrators, especially with the increase of minor interventions requested by end-users: accidentally modified system preferences, third-party...
Imaging Digital Media for Preservation With LAMMP ()
Matthew McKinley

The Legacy Archival Media Migration Platform (LAMMP) was developed by UCI Libraries IT to rescue potentially valuable digital content from rapidly aging digital media formats. LAMMP automates the...

Implementing Exchange Autodiscover in Spite of a Diverse Enterprise ()
Andrew Laurence
When UC Irvine migrated our campus calendaring service to Exchange, we needed Exchange Autodiscover for freebusy lookups of email addresses. However, our email architecture was in direct...
Infrastructure Bogging You Down? Infrastructure-as-Code & Continuous Deployment Are Here to Help ()
Eric Bollens

Ever feel like developer time is being sucked away by system operations tasks? Or that tests keep passing in development but failing in production? In this session, learn about infrastructure-as-...

iNtelforms: Data Collection, Payment Collection, Automation & Electronic Workflow Made EZ! ()
Yaheya Quazi

University departments collect information from a wide range of people for many purposes; while certain forms require submission to multiple systems, others need redundant data that already exists...

Introducing CENIC Hosted MWF, Opt & the Future of App Sharing at the UC ()
Rosemary Rocchio, Eric Bollens
This session will go over progress that the UC Mobile Collaborative Group is making with CENIC to transition MWF and Opt and hopefully Ohmage into the cloud so that it can be made available to...
iPad App Development: From Paper to efficiency at UCSF ()
Luke Hones
This session is a must if you're thinking of using mobile apps for your organization's mission critical data acquisition. A real UC story of success with some key lessons learned. The Medical Center...
IT Governance for Student Affairs ()
Robert Smith
UCR VCSA badly needed a governance model for IT projects. How can we allocate scarce IT resources across 40 departments, three AVCS in domains ranging across the full spectrum of student affairs?...
IT Group Collaboration With Kanban & Trello ()
Michael Kennedy

Agile methods have long been a proven method of software development, but these concepts can be also used to enable teams to work better on IT projects and tasks. In this talk, Kanban will be...

Lecture Capture Participation Management With Matterhorn + Salesforce ()
Michelle Ziegmann, John Crossman
This Fall, UC Berkeley will rollout Opencast Matterhorn to replace the infrastructure of its 50-classroom automated lecture capture program. Matterhorn is a free, open source platform to support the...
Lessons Learned in Large-Scale Laptop Lending ()
Jonathan Wilson, Jessica Mentesoglu, Alan Lebetkin, Evan Manzanetti
Since its inception a decade ago, the laptop lending service at the UCLA Library has become a cornerstone of the UCLA experience for students and instructors. With a campus of nearly 40,000 students...
Let the Right Ones In: Supporting High Interactivity for Remote Participants in Hybrid Classrooms ()
Aura Lippincott, Steve Kim
Requests to support remote instructors, guest speakers and students in the physical classroom have taken off over the past couple of years. Students and faculty want the flexibility to join a...
Let's Share: A Financial Aid Case Study ()
Logan Franken
In this session, we'll talk about a central aid estimation service developed through the collaboration of several UC financial aid offices that is now hosted by UCSB. Moving from this case study, we'...
Managing UCCSC ()
Eric Puchalski
In this session, the UCCSC Planning Committee will explain how we organized our teams internally and how we communicated with the outside world to put on UCCSC 2013.
Measure, Manage, Monitor & Motivate Your Support Center! ()
Anita Nichols, Andrew Blaner

A highly functional support center relies on well-defined processes, exhaustive technical documentation, and tools and systems to measure and monitor performance. In this session, you will learn...

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