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Cloud Computing Risk Mitigation Via Contract Negotiation & Vendor Management ()
Thomas Trappler
The acquisition of cloud computing services presents a paradigm shift from traditional IT procurement, and brings with it a unique set of risks. A client must identify, analyze and mitigate these...
Collaboration in End User Support: Service Desk Consolidation Update ()
John Chin
Last year, Julie Cox gave a presentation on the Service Desk consolidation at UCSF. This year, I will provide an update to our progress, our goals for 2013, and the vision going into 2014. I will...
Comprehensive (SOA-based) Application Integration Approach In PeopleSoft ERP ()
Joe Friedman

At UC Berkeley, we support over 100 integrations using both files and XML messaging (SOAP/WSDL and RESTful). Integrations exist between HCM and FSCM PeopleSoft applications, campus legacy systems...

Content in Moderation: Practical Drupal 7 Tips & Tricks ()
Chris Cabrera Thompson
Leveraging Drupal as your content management system for small and large projects is great, but as you dig a little deeper you will quickly find that modeling content can get very messy. This...
DARS: Demonstrating UCLA's New Degree Audit Reporting System ()
Robert Kilgore, Arun Pasricha, Martin Bjel, Praveen Dugar
UCLA successfully implemented a new Degree Audit Reporting System for all undergraduate students, effective Fall 2012. This new student-centric interactive web end-to-end degree auditing transfer...
Data Center Consolidation at UCI: Don't Do This At Home ()
Allen Schiano

I describe the recently completed merging of the two main data centers at UCI. Due to needs by the UCI School of Law to expand their Library for accreditation, the Administrative Data Center...

Data Management Applications with Drupal as Your Framework ()
John Romine
Using the Drupal content management system as a development platform lets you build data management applications quickly, while leveraging the functionality of Drupal core and thousands of...
Deploying CollectionSpace for the UC Botanical Garden: Innovations for Museums & Research Collections ()
Chris Hoffman
On April 29, 2013, the UC Botanical Garden began using CollectionSpace as its production collection management system, marking the culmination of a project that is notable for its innovations, its...
Deploying Office 365 at UC Merced ()
Nick Dugan, Todd Van Zandt
UC Merced recently completed a year-long effort to migrate all campus accounts from legacy email (Sun Messaging) and calendar (Oracle Calendar) systems to Microsoft’s Office 365.

This session...

Designing Technology Enhanced Learning Environment at UC Riverside ()
Mingsheng Yang

This session discusses on UCR’s learning environment that uses technology to enhance and enrich teaching and learning experiences. In this sesssion, the following 4 components  will be...

Designing the User Experience: Tips & Techniques For Quick, Cheap UI/UX Design ()
Ray Vadnais
There are a variety of tools and techniques to help kickstart the application development process, even before you start coding. Not just requirements documentation and project scopes, but actual...
Desktop video conferencing for medium-sized teams - in search of the perfect solution ()
Adrian Petrisor, Thomas Bustos
Almost everyone uses Skype and Google Hangouts for video chats nowadays, but the videoconference demands of medium-sized teams (8-14 people) can be quite complex.
DIY Websites ()
Sylvia Bass, Kim Gerrard

A common request for UCI IT staff is helping to create small websites. As budgets are tight and staffing is stretched thin, finding a way to quickly and efficiently create small websites is...

DMCA Self-Remediation & P2P Notification ()
Russ Harvey
Two methods are described that attempt to help curb the number of DMCA complaints UCR receives and reduce the amount of staff time spent remediating them. In one method a self-remediation web page...
DREM Tool: How We Empowered End Users & Reduced the Cost of Producing Cyclical Reports ()
John Remy
Five years ago, users in UCI's Division of Undergraduate Education had to wait weeks for quarterly and annual requests for student data. Programmers continually dealth with long queues of ad hoc...
Drupal Web Starter Kit ()
Courtney Anderson, Ed Martin

Web sites must be designed with longevity, portability, and collaboration in mind in order to be effectively used by other entities. Learn how the...

Emerging Technologies in Libraries: Two Examples of Comprehensive Implementation ()
Danielle Kane, Jeff Schneidewind
The UC Irvine Libraries Emerging Technologies Team investigates, implements, and evaluates emerging technologies to either help staff utilize new technologies in their work or connect with students...
Enhancing the Student Experience Through Integration of the Mobile Technology Into Microbiology & Anatomy Teaching Laboratories ()
Mary Frances Ypma-Wong
Introduction: The iPad's versatility and ability to deliver multimedia presentations suggests that it could complement a laboratory course in a multitude of ways. The UC Irvine School of Medicine...
Fostering a Culture of Sharing With Code ()
Richard Trott, Tamer Sakr
What if everyone shared all their information and all their code? How small groups of motivated individuals at UCSF and UC Berkeley are trying to build a better UC by making sharing and openness a...
From Breach to Compliance: One Year on the Job ()
Robert Smith
My first day on the job was to inherit the worst security event the campus had ever seen. Four months later I would inherit that title for the second time. This session will cover the journey from...
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