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1 Developer? Not a Problem: The NEW Film+Digtal Media Equipment Lab Reservation System at UCSC ()
Angela Steele

You are 1 developer.....

Your task is to build a fully functioning, usable, flexible and strict....(oxymoron?) equipment inventory, reservation...

2013 Sautter Awards & Closing Ceremony ()
Lyle Wiedeman, Mark Cianca
UCCSC will conclude with the traditional Larry L. Sautter Award ceremony and the "pass the buck" event, awarding responsibility for UCCSC 2014 to the UC San Francisco ambassador.
A Job That Calls For Sysadmins With a Microphone, a Ladder, an AM Radio & a Multimeter: Moving a UC Campus' Mass-Notification System ()
Ricardo M. Garcia, Fred Redd
In the past 10 months, UCLA migrated its Mass Notification System from being hosted by campus departments to UCLA IT Services. It was a very technically diverse IT project, involving SMS text and...
Accessibility at UC: Panel Discussion ()
Lucy Greco
Over the past several years a dedicated team of individuals from all campuses have been working towards bringing web accessibility to the UC system. Due to their efforts many more websites found at...
Agile in the Cloud: A Case Study ()
Kymberly Bartlo

The Agile project methodology is one that relies heavily on collaboration between team members for success but how does it work when the team doesn't have the advantage of co-location? Join...

An Agile Approach to Developing & Deploying Applications Systemwide ()
Max Garrick

Scaling application development and deployment from one campus to ten has it's challenges: 10 different business processes, 10 customers, 10 sources of requests, and 10 communication points....

An Approach to Managing Projects ()
Hadeel Elamin

What are the essential controls to put in place to manage a project properly in a constantly changing environment? We developed an approach at UCR that infused Scrum with the Waterfall methodology...

An IT Cost Model: What Does IT Cost Anyway? ()
Robert Smith
At UCR Technology servers 40+ departments, twenty thousand students and more than a thousand staff. We have over 120 applications running on more than 200 systems. What does all that cost? How can...
Applying Mobile Technology to Your Legacy Applications ()
Kian Colestock, Brett Pollak
We all maintain applications that have been developed over the years. But as requests come through to redesign these apps, how does mobile support fit in to your redesign project? What are some...
Budget Solvency Through Off-the-Shelf Technology & Pursuit of Paperless Society ()
Thomas Beale
How our team used 3 common and economical pieces of technology to achieve budget solvency; and as a caveat created a a process to implement our work-order system that is completely paperless (99%).
Building A Mobile Computer Availability Tool: UCI & UCSD ()
Derrek Gabagat, Matthew Critchlow
Inspired by UCSD's "Building a Mobile Computer Availability Tool" at UCCSC 2012, UCI created a mobile web app for all the drop-in labs across campus. With real-time and live updates, students can...
Building a Platform for Campus Collaboration with Google ()
Lisa Bono, Josh Homan, Jane Nyberg, Troy Wright, Amy Hyler-Essig, Carol Jordan

At UCSC, the Information Technology Services Division (ITS) delivered next-generation email and calendar systems to our campus by implementing Google Apps for Education - a single application...

BYOD Mobile Data Collection: Introducing Ohmage MWF as a Field Study & Research Tool ()
Rosemary Rocchio, Vinh Pham
This session is an introduction of an open source platform called ohmage and ohmage MWF for Android, iOS and WEB-based BYOD mobile data collection. It will include a demonstration of the ohmage web-...
Campus Updates ()
Lyle Wiedeman, Ann Dundon, Angela Steele
This presentation will comprise short reports from the Ambassadors of several UCs. Topics will include current IT projects, the year's achievements, and current challenges. We will also point out...
CampusKit ()
Richard Trott
CampusKit makes it easy to create high-performance, touch-friendly websites and apps for mobile and tablet devices. Geared towards the needs of higher education institutions, CampusKit requires...
Can You Replay That? ()
David Pritikin

UCI Replay, powered by Techsmith's Camtasia Relay, is an enterprise level service available to all faculty and staff at UC Irvine. Since our deployment in 2009, more than 11500 presentations...

Cancer Genomics Hub: A Pioneering Repository ()
Linda Rosewood
The success of cancer genomics depends on the sharing of cancer data, and collaboration between cancer researchers. The unprecedented amounts of data generated require a central location for cancer...
Changing Instructional Videos into Immersive Interactive Experiences ()
Robin E. H. Ove
UCSC has partnered with Coincident, the San Francisco-based technology firm who have designed a drag and drop video markup authoring platform to learn how to make academic digital content more...
Choosing the Best Agile Methods for Your Team ()
Kelsey Layos, John Remy

Two project managers from two very different development teams share how they picked the Agile methods and tools that worked best for their unique environments.The Academic Web Technologies team...

Cloud Analytics at $0.00/hr ()
Durendal Huynh
From free email to free online storage to free EC2 instance, free Cloud Analytics is here. See how you can create reports and analysis for both online and offline no cost. Live...
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