Frequently Asked Questions

UCCSC is the annual University of California Computing Services Conference.

Begun as a grass-roots effort by UC campuses to share knowledge and information, computing professionals from the UC campuses (and others for whom technology constitutes a significant portion of their daily activities) have met each summer since 1982 to discuss common issues associated with providing and supporting information technology services at the University of California.

Each summer a different UC campus hosts UCCSC.

The first "conference" was at UC Santa Cruz in 1982. It was hosted by Jim Mulherin, a consultant who suggested that UCSC find out what other UC campuses were doing with respect to academic software. The focus was strictly on academic software and it was held in a conference room on campus. Twenty-one people attended.

For 2013, UCCSC will be hosted by UC Irvine, and almost all activities will take place in UCI Student Center (which includes UCI's Conference Center.)

UCCSC is open to all UC staff and faculty who have an association with or interest in information technology. Subjects for presentations are generally intended for IT professionals, but there are numerous sessions that cover more general subjects such as project management, service delivery, procurement, planning for UCPath, and others. We invite you to review the list of sessions to see what might be of interest.

Each year, UCCSC draws approximately between 200 and 300 computing professionals and others for whom technology plays a significant role in their daily activities from across the University of California.

Participants include technical support staff, system administrators, unit directors and managers, librarians, information security experts, and others.

If you are interested in learning how other campuses are addressing the technology issues and challenges you face, or if you wish to build a network of professional IT colleagues through the UC system, you should attend UCCSC.

  1. Click the "Log In" tab
  2. Select "Create new account"
  3. Complete required fields - please use your full name (or how you prefer to be addressed) as your username

You can now log in with this account.

To add additional information to your account, click on "My account" in the right-hand menu box. Then click on the "Edit" tab on the second-level menu bar to add other information, including the option to upload a picture. Remember to "Save".

Now click on the "Personal information" tab on the menu under "Edit". Here you can add information such as Organization, Job Title, and Interests. This information is used in the "Search Attendees" tab so you can identify peers in jobs and with interests similar to yours, find colleagues from your home campus or another campus, and so forth.

No. By creating an account, you are able to browse the website and propose a presentation. To become an attendee, you must register. Registration opens June 8.

Note: the deadline for proposals is May 13, 2013. To submit a proposal, you must first create an account on the conference web site.

  • Once you have logged in, go to the left-hand menu box and click on ‘Create content’.
  • Click the word Session to open the ‘Create Session’ page.
  • Enter your proposed Session Title.
  • Enter the speaker(s) username - note this is the UCCSC web site login, usually the speaker's full name.
  • Enter your session description. The first 2-3 lines should be a short description which can be used for the program schedule.
  • Then include 3-4 paragraphs describing your session, including the areas of interest your presentation will appeal to.
  • Indicate what A/V equipment is needed for your session.
  • Once you have saved your session proposal, you may go back to edit.
  • You may add slides at any time, though they must be uploaded before the conference.

Yes. UCCSC is planned with the greatest possible economy, keeping the registration fee low so that more people can attend. Therefore, there is no discount offered to presenters.

The primary purpose of UCCSC is to bring people together to compare notes on what is being accomplished at each of the UC campuses and to learn from one anothers' experiences.

All proposals will be reviewed by a panel of technical staff for appropriateness and to reduce duplication. The conference organizers will contact you if the review panel has any questions about your proposal. When your proposal has been accepted, you will be notified via email. The schedule for sessions will be available in June immediately prior to opening registration.

The UCCSC Ambassador represents a UC campus in the planning and running of UCCSC. Together, the Ambassadors are a team of people who make the conference better for all attendees.

The ambassador is asked to use her or his network on contacts on campus to raise awareness and enthusiasm for UCCSC.

UCCSC often includes “campus updates” in which each attending campus reports on IT accomplishments, projects of note, and who from each campus is in attendance and may be a resource to the other campuses. Sometimes this takes the form of a five-minute oral presentation, sometimes a printed poster, sometimes an automated slide show. Usually the ambassador has the best sense of what UCCSC is all about and leads the development of the update for her or his campus.

The ambassador usually attends UCCSC and serves as a conduit of information from the conference to the members of his or her campus who are in attendance.

Often, the Ambassador has the privilege of leading the conference planning campus when it's her or his campus's turn to host UCCSC, but the CIO for each campus makes the official appointment.

The UCCSC Ambassador is a person designated by each campus to help plan UCCSC, to encourage participation, and to answer questions. Ambassadors for 2013:

LBNL - Joy Bonaguro

UCB - Norm Cheng

UCD - Caryn DeMoura

UCI - Lyle Wiedeman

UCLA - Christina Patterson

UCM - Gregory Fellin

UCOP - Gary Keith

UCR - Michelle Tabula

UCSB - Ann Dundon

UCSC - Angela Steele

UCSD - Parrish Nnambi

UCSF - Andrés Elenes and Alvin Ozawa

Absolutely! There is a mailing list which IT professionals throughout UC use to communicate year-round.

If you wish to participate in the UCCSC list, fill out the subscription form at

  • 2014 - San Francisco
  • 2013 - Irvine
  • 2012 - Berkeley
  • 2011 - Merced
  • 2010 - Los Angeles
  • 2009 - Davis
  • 2008 - Santa Barbara
  • 2007 - Santa Cruz
  • 2006 - San Diego
  • 2005 - San Francisco
  • 2004 - Riverside
  • 2003 - Irvine
  • 2002 - Berkeley
  • 2001 - Los Angeles
  • 2000 - Davis
  • 1999 - Santa Barbara
  • 1998 - Santa Cruz
  • 1997 - San Diego
  • 1996 - San Francisco
  • 1995 - Riverside
  • 1994 - Berkeley
  • 1993 - Irvine
  • 1992 - Davis
  • 1991 - Los Angeles
  • 1990 - Santa Cruz
  • 1989 - Santa Barbara